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XML Better Regulation Executive (2010); Smart Regulation, Available at: www.bis.gov.uk/smart-regulation-executive-summary-english European commission (2010); Smart Regulation in the European :union:, Brussels Rodrigo, Delia (2006); Background Documents on Public Consultation, Paris: OECD. OECD (2008); Introductory Handbook for Undertaking Regulatory Impact Analysis, Paris: OECD. OSCE/ ODIHR (2011); Law Drafting and Legislative Process in the Republic of Serbia, – Avialable at: www.parlament.gov.rs. OECD (2007); Indicators of Regulatory Management Systems, Paris: OECD. Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria (2012); Guide of Public Consultations in Bulgaria, Available at: www.euaffairs.government.bg. Malyshev, Nick (2005); The Evolution of Regulatory Policy in OECD Countries, Paris: OECD. OECD (2010); Better Regulation in Europe: Spain, Paris: OECD Australian Government (2007); Best Practice Regulation Handbook, Canberra. P. 9-30
Persian Abstract
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Persian Abstract
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Persian Abstract
Abstract (96 Views)      
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Persian Abstract
Abstract (97 Views)      
XML http://rc.majlis.ir/fa/legal_draft/show/920182 http://www.justice.ir/Portal/View/Page.aspx?PageId=853a0c04-45ac-4348-a055-10ff021daedc&ObjectId=19c01128-8dba-404e-855f-9dff92e542ad&WebpartId=50a98ab0-5670-4e9b-bcb5-5ba0e5dd70b8 Model Provisions for National Laws On the Protection of Expressions of Folklore Against Illicit Exploitation and Other Prejudicial Actions, Published by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco), Paris, and by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Geneva, 1985 P. 141-160
Persian Abstract
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